Sofi Larran

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Practitioner of Generative Change in Generative Coaching, Practitioner of Generative Change in Business

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Convinced by the decisive contribution of individuals in the success of any business, she searches through her work, to translate the potential of each person into exceptional results linking economic growth to Human Resources Development.

During the last eleven years performing as an Executive Coach, Trainer and Human Resources Development Consultant, she has committed to strive and conceptualize excellence and to translate it into concrete results, designing customized solutions to respond to the specific needs of her clients.

An extensive multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary experience gained over twelve years in different sectors of Swiss Private Banking and a simultaneous approach of Economist and Coach, allow her to invest in complex projects and business development strategies.

Of Swiss-Argentine origin, Sofi also trains individuals in Professional Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and ComProfiles, tools for human resources staff.

She is an Affiliated Master Trainer NLPU, Member of the Global NLP Training and Consulting Community (GTC) and Consultant SFM3 and Generative Consultant of the Dilts Strategy Group.

In addition, she obtained the following certifications:
– Master in Political Economics (in German language) at the University of Fribourg,CH
– NLP Multicultural Master Trainer, Master Trainer and Consultant, all certifications awarded by Robert Dilts
– ICF PCC (international Coaching Federation)
– Master and Professional Coach by IDC (Geneva,CH)
– Trainer of Professional Coaching ICF ACTP in Partnership with David Hertz , WAKAN (Geneva,CH)
– Trainer in the “Leadership and Relational Growth” Program, awarded by its creator Professor Robert Weisz, ComProfiles (IAE of Aix-en-Provence,FR)
– Leadership Architect 101 Korn Ferry by Jocon (Zūrich,CH)