Nathalie Lebas



Nathalie is a Generative Coach, NLP Trainer, and Generative Change Supervisor. She is co-heading IAGC France with Giorgia Sanfiori and Béatrice Arnaud. Nathalie is passionate about human beings, Generative Change, and Dance. She studied NLP with Robert Dilts at NLPU (Santa Cruz-California, USA) and is planning to develop the 4th generation of NLP with other NLP Trainers in the world. She is Robert Dilt’s interpreter in France for some trainings. She practices Generative Trance (that she learned from her other mentor, Steve Gilligan) with her clients and is bringing this work into business. In 2000, Nathalie was specialized in trainings in management, communication and sales efficiency. As a transformational coach and trainer, she works with executive members and managers in different companies to help them define new strategies, visions, missions, ambitions and roles in order to respond to the challenging, changing world of business. She works with them individually and collectively in trainings with generative collaboration and collective intelligence. She also specializes in Women’s Leadership and works with women in order to re-humanize transformational ventures, to give them more of a place in business, and to make the glass ceiling disappear. As a coach, she contributes to helping people make their talents, potential, and resources emerge, to be the change they want to see in the world. Thanks to IAGC France, Nathalie wants to spread Generative Change all over the world, all the work of Steve Gilligan and Robert Dilts to create new generative trainings. She also works in health, especially with women with breast cancer. She helps them to recover and have access to their deep femininity, reconnect to their emotions and body with Generative Somatic Dance in order to find their healing path.