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I know very well the importance of having clear objectives and acting with discipline to achieve them. For this reason, I have dedicated 20 years to training people and professionals to release their fears and develop a happy life through the use of powerful NLP and Ericksonian techniques. I am dedicated to making the needs of each student come true by helping them achieve their transformation proceses.

I am a consultant, lecturer and Trainer. Licensed Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming®, Licensed Master of Neurolinguistic Programming®,, Licensed Advanced NLP Coach, Specialist Practitioner in Neuro-Hypnotic Reppattering®, Licensed Trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming® certified by The Society of Neurolinguistic Programming ™ by PNL Bandler, co-creator Richard La Bandler . I have graduated 29 promotions from the Licensed Practitioner program in NLP and 10 promotions from the Master Practitioner program in NLP.

Master in Ericksonian Psychotherapy from the Ericksonian Center of Mexico. Ericksonian Family Constellations Diploma Ericksonian Center of Mexico.

Course Discover the power in you by Tony Robbins

Master Trainer, Facilitator and Transformational Entrepreneur – NLP University, Practitioner program NLPU, Trainer NPLU practitioner program. Generative Change by Stephen Gilligan, IAGC level 1,
Course level 1 in Generative Coaching IAGC and Course of the Journey of the Hero and the Heroine by Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts the Neuron Institute. . Creative Mind by Stephen Gilligan

Coach with NLP and comprehensive Psychological Coach certified by the ICF

Representative of the Nodo Colombia for The Latinamerican NLP Institute network based in Argentina

As a Business Administrator with a specialization in marketing from the Universidad de los Andes and an MBA in Business Management from INALDE,.

I have been a University teacher in several universities in Colombia in the marketing, sales and NLP áreas.

The owner of Institute creafelicidad.

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