Kamna Aggarwal Pruvost

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Practitioner of Generative Change in Generative Coaching

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Kamna grew up in small towns in India and received a PhD in Physics at the Indian Institute of Technology. She has trained in TA, Mind-fullness, NLP, Generative Coaching, Generative Trance, Generative Leadership and Creative Mind. Her main trainers and ‘Gurus’ in this particular journey have been Robert Dilts and Steve Gilligan, although she has been fortunate to train with Judith Lowe, Tim Holborn, Ian MacDermott, Sarah Urquhart, John Grinder and some others.
She has made many career changes in her life (many of them would sound intriguing to some). She feels privleged to be currently working with Steve Gilligan and Robert Dilts to take activities of the IAGC forward. She is a generative change coach, consultant and mentor for young persons at the beginning of their professional life. She lives in Oxford with her husband and her adopted daughter and their two dogs. She loves to travel and learn and yes, she never tires of generative conversations.

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