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Joerg Dierkes is a psychotherapist (hypnosis, hypnosystemic therapy), generative coach, mindfulness trainer and Qi Gong teacher from Germany. As a therapist and coach, he holds a practice in Osnabrueck and gives singles sessions for clients
interested in healing, personal development, or enhancing their abilities in their career, sports or private lives.
As a trainer, he gives lectures, 1-7 days workshops throughout Germany helping people reaching their goals through the approaches mentioned above. He studied intensively with Steve Gilligan since 2000, with Thich Nhat Hanh since 2001 and has become a mindfulness teacher for the Germany monastery/ Buddhist institute “EIAB” founded by Thich Nhat Hanh. He visited China for 10 years to study the healing art of Qi Gong from original masters at traditional Chinese Qi Gong places. He worked for two years as a psychotherapist in the “systelios” psychosomatic/hypnosystemic clinic which was co-founded by Dr. Gunther Schmidt, one of the leading therapists and coaches in Germany.

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