Jacques Fuchs

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Jacques started to help entrepreneurs reaching their goals in 1985.
Later on, in 1998, he went into transformation and was trained as transformational coach. Several years later, in 2010, he meets the generative approach (Two point method) and begins to co-train in this field. In the same years and the following, he is also trained and certified on the following tools:
– Enneagram
– Spiral Dynamics (Graves, Beck & Cowan)
– Systemic coaching
– Organizational life cycle model (Adizes)
– Sociocracy

Beyond Generative Coaching, Generative Trance & generative collaboration (collective intelligence) facilitation (and facilitator trainer), he is also trained as an Organizational and Relationship Systems Coach.

His is also accredited by IAGC as supervisor, including generative collaboration / collective intelligence.
He is found of music (playing saxophone) and is passionate about helping people and organizations to find the deepest Essence as well as the Essence of things.

He’s Vision is a World where Transformation and access to it’s deepest Essence is easy.

The associated Mission is to :
– bring the keys of transformation and effectiveness
– making everything easy !

The roles holding this Mission include :
Disruptive innovation booster
Facilitator of swift, easy and smooth transe-mutation/transe-formation for individuals, teams and organizations.
Revealer of hidden Talents
Catalyst and Facilitator of Transe-formations and 4th generation Collective Intelligence

Interventions in french or english (german in progress)