Giorgia Sanfiori

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I am an IAGC Supervisor (French, English, Italian), a trainer and a generative change coach. As a TransFormational coach and coachs’ supervisor, I am one of the team member who contribued to give birth to IAGC. We were 11 People that believed that IAGC could make the différence that make the différence in the coaching world, we made it happening.

As an executive and generative coach, I contribute to the emergency of insights, resources, and solutions which allow my clients to create generative changes and sustainable balance in their professional and personal life.

I am specialized in Innovation Management, Generative Coaching, & Change, Leadership & Collective Intelligence and Generative Trance.
I collaborate with Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan to spread awareness of IAGC philosophy in the entrepreneurial business.

I am a well-known motivational speaker about Self Awareness, Sustainable Balance, Transformational Change and Creative Leadership. My interventions are for the French and the international markets (English and Italian).

I support animals’ cause, world sustainability, and positive social change. I am passionate about poetry, music, art & cinema. I practice meditation,mindfulness & self-relation trance.

I can describe myself as an integrated rebel who try to change the world from the inside . I am also certified in CNV and Appreciative Inquiry. I am an NLP Trainer and a Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis. I have a PHD in modern arts and literatures and a master in communication. I live in the South of France, but being a professional speaker, I travel all over the world. I can coach and supervise on – line or on FtoF. you can book a session on my website: