Giorgia Sanfiori

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I am an IAGC Supervisor (French, English, Italian), a trainer and a generative change coach. As a TransFormational coach and coachs’ supervisor, I contribute to the emergence of insights, resources, and solutions which allow my clients to create generative changes and sustainable balance in their professional and personal life. I am specialized in Innovation Management, Generative Coaching, & Change, Leadership & Collective Intelligence and Generative Trance. I collaborate with Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan to spread awareness of IAGC philosophy in the entrepreneurial business. I am a well-known motivational speaker about Self Awareness, Sustainable Balance, Transformational Change and Creative Leadership. My interventions are for the French and the international markets (English and Italian).
I support animals’ cause, world sustainability, and positive social change. I am passionate about poetry, music, art & cinema. I practice meditation,mindfulness & self-relation trance. I can describe myself as an integrated rebel who try to change the world from the inside . I am also certified in CNV and Appreciative Inquiry. I am an NLP Trainer and a Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis. I have a PHD in modern arts and literatures and a master in communication. I live in the South of France, but being a professional speaker, I travel all over the world. I can coach and supervise on – line or on FtoF. you can book a session on my website: