Georg Wanek

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Practitioner of Generative Change in Generative Coaching

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Driven to give people more choices I offer 1:1 coaching sessions online and in person in the London area.
Self care, self compassion, and welcoming all there is, is at the heart of my coaching practice. Likewise an embodied practice using timelines and different perceptions.
I live by principle that all behaviours are positive intended and people make their best choice in any given moment.

A current emphasis of my work focus is serving adults with ADHD.

My personal practice contains a daily yoga practice (also certified to teach vinyasa), running, skateboarding (former a competitive Vert skater), and following a sustainable and healthy lifestyle (car free, none alcohol, plant based).

Originally from the area around Vienna, Austria my background is in the academic publishing and technology industry, mostly sales and business development and lived most of the last 15 years abroad and traveled the world.

If you are interested in my coaching please don’t hesitate booking a free introductory session now via my website (link above).