Dean Wolfers

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My Background
I am a certified coach and NLP master practitioner, focusing on leadership, communication, confidence, and performance. These areas are where I have the greatest passion and know I can support the people I work with to make outstanding progress.

I first trained in NLP and coaching over ten years ago, taking what I learned into the classroom. I quickly became a successful teacher and mentor to newly qualified teachers in London, rising to phase leader.

My Passion
Like many who seek coaching, I struggled with poor confidence and an inability to communicate effectively. Growing up, I was almost mute because of a lack of confidence. My ability to articulate my ideas successfully, even in small groups, was poor, and I preferred to take the back seat rather than be a leader.

I’m glad that those days are now behind me. I no longer lack confidence and love trying new things to expand my abilities. I love to push into my growth zone as often as I can.

My mindset has changed, and I now regularly talk in front of groups and have entered speaking competitions with Toastmasters. I am a successful leader; I have started several businesses and have been a partner in others.

As a coach, I love working with people who have poor communication skills, lack confidence or want to improve their leadership because I can relate. My passion is getting people to fulfil their full potential. The best feeling in the world is knowing that I can make a difference- it’s why I became a teacher and coach others.

My Coaching Philosophy
One of my favourite quotes is, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. It’s what I genuinely believe, and it truly is the best place to be.

Coaching is about igniting passion, realising potential, and achieving growth. Too often, people fail to achieve the things they want because they are frightened to leave what feels comfortable.

But when you are willing to step outside your comfort zone, your life begins. Discomfort is good for the soul.

I will help you move into your growth zone, embrace challenges, and learn from setbacks through honesty and hard work.
When you work with me, you choose someone passionate about helping others grow. Contact me if you want to chat about something before hiring me. Alternatively, you can jump in and set up a coaching session today.


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