Christophe Delabroye

IAGC Authorisation and Roles


Christophe has been a consultant, trainer and coach since 2012. His primary expertise lies in the areas of change management, leadership development, and interpersonal communication. He designs and facilitates learning programs and accompanies managers and their teams. His clients include major industrial groups as well as academic institutions (Engineering Ecole Centrale Marseille, and IAE Aix-en-Provence).
Additionally, Christophe has 25 years of operational experience in international groups in the aerospace industry (AIRBUS helicopters, EADS), consulting (Deloitte & Touche), shipping (CMA CGM), and retail (REXEL). He has worked primarily in the areas of Human Resources Development (creation and management of several Corporate Universities) and process re-engineering (Lean Management).
Christophe is passionate about expanding and developing human potential and interpersonal relations, in order to help individuals in companies and beyond change, adapt and increase their performance.
Christophe has a Master’s degree in Management. He is a NLP Practitioner (NLP University, Santa Cruz, California) and Generative Consultant (Dilts Consulting Group, Santa Cruz, California). He is Practitioner in Generative Coaching (Robert Dilts & Stephen Gilligan, Institut Repère, Paris) and a certified coach in Systemic Coaching (Alain Cardon, METASYSTEME, Paris). He is certified in the DISC and ComProfiles profiling tools.


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