Amaia Zubia

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Amaia is quick at understanding unconscious patterns and has the affinity to understand complex people situations.
As an accredited coach, Business Psychologist MSc, Generative Change practitioner, Applied Neuroscience Practitioner, NLP master and practitioner if various psychometrics, and with over 20 years experience in managing and leading teams, Amaia has developed endless talent for organisations.
Amaia grew up in the hills of the Basque country (Spain) surrounded by green landscapes and the saltiness of the Cantabric sea. Nurtured by her big family in the rich terrain of her ancestor’s farm, and influenced by the diverse political views of the time, she grew to be a curious and independent individual with a mission to understand and help people regardless of their situation or background.
This passion and commitment for people has been a key driver for Amaia in anything that she takes part in.

Today she works as a people consultant, coach and trainer.